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The Shortened Version

I was born in Dallas, Texas in 1976. I was raised in the home of a very loving and godly ministry family. In fact, my father has been a minister with the Assemblies of God for around 40 years now. I am/was fourth or fifth generation Assemblies of God; my 4 ft. 6 in. grandmother preached the gospel door to door in the most rough parts of Dallas until she went to be with the Lord in the 1980’s.

In 1997, I met the most beautiful, godly woman to ever walk the earth. A little over a year after meeting her, I had the privilege of making her my wife and companion on this incredible journey. We now have three beautiful children that have just captured our hearts and given us joy.

In 2002, while serving as youth pastors, I felt led to attend Trinity Valley Community College for the purpose of obtaining a degree in Computer Science Networking. After TVCC, God called me to continue my ministry training at Southwestern Assemblies of God University (www.sagu.edu). Ironically, a local company just happened to be looking for a computer specialist. Is not God omniscient? While at SAGU, I once again felt the Lord tugging on my heart to go further with my education in the Bible. As a result, I began an extensive search for theological schools after graduating from SAGU in the fall of 2005. Shortly after graduating, we loaded up our truck and moved to Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (www.gordonconwell.edu). However, the Lord soon made us aware that the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary (www.agts.edu) was the right place for us both spiritually and academically. As a result, I was able to earn my Master of Divinity degree in the Spring of 2010.

During my time at AGTS I was blessed to be able to meet some of the greatest friends, colleagues, and professors. In addition, I was able to form a great friendship with my mentor Dr. Benny Aker. I can honestly give him credit for helping me to shape my theology and enhance my thirst for biblical knowledge and education.

I am now working on a Ph. D. in Biblical Studies (Biblical Theology) at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I also have the privilege of having Dr. Petrus Grabe as my doctoral advisor/father. I am looking forward to the journey which God has laid out before me.

Some other facts about me are:

I have served the Church all of my life. I have been in ministry from the time that I was around 5 years old. In addition, I have been in “professional” ministry for over ten years. I continue to try to serve my community and the Church by preaching, teaching, and loving people. Although I am currently an evangelist, my wife and I carry the slogan that wherever we are is our mission field. One day, we hope to be involved in missions. I do not know how the Lord will work everything out, but he has given me a passion for preaching, teaching, writing, and mentorship. My wife and I are a team; she plans to minister to people through medical missions. I want to also mention that she has one of the most beautiful singing voices that I have ever heard. I sincerely hope that you enjoy this blog, and I look forward to getting to know you.


Jeremy S. Crenshaw, M.Div. (Ph.D. Candidate)


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