The American Church and Biblical Christianity

I am reading Thaddeus Barnum’s “Never Silent” now that deals with the apostasy of the Episcopal Church USA and its correction by Third World Bishops and Arch Bishops, which set up the Anglican Mission in the Americas. It seems that Pentecostals are now running in the same direction that began the heresy in the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion. The younger generations and many of the educated are beginning to really push “open dialogue” with the homosexual issue. For the Episcopal Church USA it was called “come and see” as they promoted open dialogue with the homosexual agenda. They began to use the Bible out of context to promote the validity of the homosexual lifestyle while claiming that the church needed to be more open and willing to change in light of culture, science, philosophy, etc. I see the same exact thing happening among many Pentecostals now. There are already professors at Evangel University that teach homosexuality as a …genetic trait and not a behavior. There are already Pentecostal scholars that I have spoken to personally that believe that homosexual relationships are fine and not sinful as long as they are monogamous, just like a real marriage between a man and woman. There are already Pentecostal scholars writing books and doing lectures that challenge the uniqueness of Jesus as the only way to the Father. What is amazing to me is that very few seem to see it coming and many seem to be ok that Pentecostals are running in that direction. In 2010, a Pentecostal academic organization tried to have a pro-homosexual scholar come on to the campus of an A/G university. When Dr. Wood personally got involved they developed a committee to investigate breaking their confessional ties so that they could be more broad focused and open to dialogue outside of certain confessional links. In 2012, they had a special session just for homosexual dialogue/theology on the campus of a charismatic university. This last year they tried to drop portions of their original statements that claim confessional ties and restrict membership. In fact, many pointed out that the newly drawn up parameters in the statements cast such a large tent that even a non-Christian could potentially hold office in their organization. The answer that they got was essentially that it will never happen, you are blowing things out of proportion. I think that recent church history proves that to be naïve thinking at best! There is a war taking place for the soul of the American church and it has reached the shores of the Pentecostal world; I pray that, like the Anglican Mission, there may be more leaders in the Spirit-filled church in America that are willing to hold to the faith once delivered to the saints.


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  1. Dear Jeremy thank you for this news. I was not aware of this. If you would like to take a look at you would be welcome as an occasional columnist. I also liked your commentary on the book of revelation at an earlier Anglican post
    David virtue DD

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